Author JD Nelson's Favorite Books!

Author JD Nelson shares her favorite books!
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A Night of Wickedness - JD Nelson Night Aberrations - JD Nelson All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Fangs - J.D. Nelson Love, Carry My Bags - C.R. Everett I Loved That About Her (Love, Carry My Bags) (Volume 2) - C.R. Everett Winston's Supernatural Disaster - C.R. Everett Supernatural Seduction - Aneesa Price, Mary-Nancy's Eagle Eye Editing Home for Love - Aneesa Price Finding Promise - Aneesa Price Elegantly Undead - Aneesa Price Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession - Aneesa Price The Search - Kelley Grealis The Search (The Descendant Vampire Series) - Kelley Grealis, Jenny Bengen-Albert, A BCD Creative The Descendant: The Descendant Vampire Series Book 1 - Kelley Grealis, Jenny Bengen-Albert 100 Proof Stud (The Darcy Walker Series Book 3) - A. J. Lape, Mark Kidwell, Jay Fotos